Visionary Leader: Leslie Ndawana

Leslie Ndawana is Principal Officer and Chief Executive Officer at the National Fund for Municipal Workers (NFMW). The fund has approximately R23billion of assets under management.

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Listen or watch for insights on:

  • Overview of his career and role at NFMW.
  • The key characteristics of a visionary leader.
  • What our public sector leaders are not getting right when leading their municipalities.
  • What needs to change and how change can happen.
  • Thinking outside of the box.
  • How the role of a leader has changed in recent years, especially since the pandemic.
  • The difference between complex and complicated.
  • How he manages the complexity of his daily responsibilities and how he prioritises what is done first.
  • Having a compelling vision and the ability to take charge.
  • How he will define his success at the end of his career at NFMW.
  • Responsible leadership.
  • His vision for the future of cities.

About Leslie Ndawana
Passionate about contributing to society's achievement of desirable retirement outcomes and positively impacting lives in a sustainable manner.

Held various roles within the retirement funds industry over the years , including being a Senior/Principal Consultant , Principal Officer , Trustee, head of consulting and technical manager of an employee benefits consulting firm.

Have sound understanding of technical matters relating to employee benefits(retirement funds, investments, group risk benefits , medical aids) and their taxation, which was gained over a decade-plus of experience in the financial services industry and through relevant academic/professional qualifications.

Interested in giving back in the form of knowledge sharing with other industry and society leaders. Currently , a Board member of Batseta Council for retirement funds, a member of the Retirement Funds Scorecard Review Sub-Committee(2019-21) for the Financial Sector Transformation Council and Chairperson of our home owners association.

Navigated all the changes within the local government retirement funds space , managed change and restructuring in our organization within the context of COVID-19 , managed the transition of organizational culture , formulated and executed organizational strategy, led transformation of our investment approach towards impact investing.

Continuing with my personal personal development journey, responsible leadership, professional development, development of relational capital, among other important development areas.
Source: LinkedIn

About the Visionary Leader Show on Future Cities Africa
Leadership challenges have a crippling effect to sustainable growth of our cities and businesses as it affects both the present and the future.

The role of a leader is critical to the shaping of a city's future. Whether it's in the public or private sector, the demands of running businesses are the same. Leaders are judged on results. Shareholders and taxpayers will hold their leaders to account.

The Visionary Leader Show on Future Cities Africa get into the minds of public and private sector leaders to explore the key characteristics of a visionary leader, overcoming challenges, embracing the unknown, what it takes to develop a strong vision and manage complexities, emerging disruptors, and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

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