Gautrain's Vision and the Future of Public Transport

Tshepo Kgobe is Chief Operating Officer at ‎Gautrain Management Agency. We explore the impacts of the pandemic on Gautrain, their plans for recovery and future expansion, the future of public transport, lessons from 2020 and how Gautrain will integrate with other modes of transport.

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This episode dives into:

  • The impact of the pandemic on Gautrain and how it is planning and dealing with recovery.
  • How the pandemic has pushed Gautrain to look at innovative procurement processes.
  • How to change car culture.
  • Plans for Gautrain’s expansion.
  • Mass transit & social distancing: The future of public transport.
  • Impacts remote working will have on our cities and on Gautrain.
  • Gautrain’s plans for integrating with other modes of transport.
  • Main lessons taken from 2020 and how Gautrain can address them, to not only survive but thrive into the future.
  • How cities will change over the next 5 years.

About Tshepo Kgobe
Tshepo Kgobe is a Seasoned Senior Executive who is also a Certified Project Management Professional and Multidisciplinary Engineer with more than 20 years of extensive experience in managing complex projects and operations with diverse technical requirements, in Infrastructure, Energy, and Mining. Tshepo has also held diverse positions that are not related to engineering including BBBEE, Transformation, and Corporate Social investment. Tshepo is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Gautrain Management Agency, responsible for the everyday running of the agency. In this role Tshepo is responsible for Technical Services, ICT and Knowledge Management, Marketing and Communication, Risk Management, Legal and Compliance Services, Corporate Services including Human Capital and Facilities. In this role, Tshepo is responsible for the implementation of the strategy of the GMA.

Tshepo previously held the role of Senior Executive responsible for all Technical and Project services in GMA (Gautrain Management Agency), GMA is the agency that manages the concession agreement for the operation of the Gautrain on behalf of the Gauteng Province Government and is also responsible for the expansion and the extensions of the system.

Tshepo has six years of solid experience as an Executive Director when he serves on the board of Hatch Africa from 2010 to May 2014, responsible for Business Development, BBBEE, Transformation, and Supplier Development.

Tshepo has practiced and lived both in South Africa with Metrorail and in the UK with Corus Rail Consultancy. His international experience gives him the edge to be able to perform on a global scale. Tshepo has worked on a series of large-scale multi-disciplinary projects both from a client's and consultant's perspective.

Tshepo worked in the KZN region as a Perway & Facilities operations line manager. Tshepo was previously in senior engineering management in Metrorail head office in Perway & Structures. Tshepo has extensive experience in contracts administration and management and has served in Tender Boards.

Tshepo was responsible for the engineering and project management of the Trackwork subsystem in the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link project (Gautrain). This comprises of R 1.0 billion budget for the total subsystem. Tshepo has worked both locally and in Canada to ensure efficiency in design and execution, planning, and scheduling.

Specialties: Profesional Project Manager, PMI Certified
Source: LinkedIn

About Gautrain
Gautrain, an initiative of the Gauteng Province Government (GPG), is a state-of-art rapid rail network in Gauteng. The rail connection comprises of two links, namely a link between Tshwane and Johannesburg and a link between OR Tambo International Airport and Sandton. Apart from the three-terminal stations of these two links, seven other stations are linked by approximately 80 kilometers of rail along the route.

The Gautrain Management Agency was established in 2006, in terms of the GMA Act (Act 5 of 2006). Critical to the GMA mandate is to ensure that the Gautrain System operates in a sustainable manner with a clear commitment to governance and the GPG’s primary economic objectives.

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