The One Thing I Would Change With My Magic Wand

Seven thought leaders explain the one thing they would change if magic wands existed.

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This episode is brought to you in partnership with Digital Council Africa

Juanita Clark is the Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Council Africa.

  • Allocation of spectrum as quickly as possible so network operations can deploy as they need.
  • Legislation to narrow the growing digital divide.
  • Institute digital learning from an early age.
  • A rapid deployment policy can help us achieve goals.
  • Take a relook at how we consider the digital economy.
  • We are not giving our children a modern-day education, we need to fix that.
  • Teach children the power of the internet and how to code and how to participate in the digital economy.

Vino Govender is Executive for Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Innovation at Dark Fibre Africa.

  • Improve the level of collaboration that we have amongst the ecosystem (project and industry participants).
  • It enables us to align in a direction and increase efficiency.

Dr. Geci Karuri-Sebina is a multi-disciplinary scholar-practitioner currently occupied in several capacities working at the intersection between people, place and technological change, focusing on the global south.

  • How government works in the extent to which officials feel they have space and the responsibility to be doing more.
  • Get people to understand that our futures are interlinked.

Steve Apps is a Smart City and Industry 4.0 technology expert. He’s past CTO of Huawei Southern Africa for government services.

  • Steve would change the allocation of frequency/ spectrum for various technologies.
  • For IoT, as an example, there are many limitations because the frequency is not available.
  • Asia and America have far better spread of their frequencies, so they can achieve more than Europe and Africa.

Bronwyn Williams is a Partner at Flux Trends. She's a Futurist, Economist, and Business Trends Analyst.

  • Completely destroy the current education system! Bronwyn explains why she will do that.
  • Compulsory schooling makes no sense.
  • We should teach our children to ask: How will I bring value to society?

Dmitry Pozhidaev is Global Advisor at UN Capital Development Fund, he’s based in Uganda.

  • If he had a magic wand he would change the mindsets in city administration in Uganda. He explains the current situation and what he would do to fix it.

About the Digital Council Africa

Digital technologies offer widespread disruption and will, with it, unlock new opportunities for rapid economic growth, innovation, job creation, and access to services. The goal of the organisation is to stimulate growth in the digital sector by sharing knowledge on this subject with policymakers, operators, and influencers.

The Digital Council's mission is to support public and private sector to work together to deliver on the expectations of a gigabit society. Through developing the digital transformation stack - we hope to educate and guide all involved in the framework and infrastructure for the next generation of Internet applications and platforms and ultimately to remove the boundaries of technological inclusion.

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